Our easy-to-use NAD+ injectables are the ultimate solution for enhanced vitality and rejuvenation. Experience the unparalleled benefits of direct NAD+ infusion with a simple and efficient injection. Elevate your energy levels, boost cellular repair, and promote overall well-being with each hassle-free dose. Unleash the power of youth and vitality with NAD+ injectables.


1 vial – 1,000 mg (10-20 Injections)

Best Uses


Clear brain fog

Improve mental clarity

Metabolic function

Boost energy

Memory & concentration

Improve athletic performance

Superior immune support

Detox & cleanse

Support recovery

How It Works

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NAD is essential to cellular health and function, but levels naturally decline as we age. We offer self-administered NAD+ injections to quickly replenish NAD levels. Treatments can promote a variety of anti-aging benefits, including increased energy, improved brain clarity and focus, improve metabolic function, and more. NAD+ injections provide direct and rapid absorption into the bloodstream, ensuring maximum bioavailability and immediate effects. This allows for faster and more efficient delivery of NAD+ to cells throughout the body.